I gratefully accept samples from producers or distributers interested in having their product reviewed on this site. I have received, evaluated and posted reviews of wine, wine accessories, wine books, and kitchen items.

John On Wine is a “Top 100” wine blog, and is often among the top 10 wine blogs post ranked.

I am invited to many wine events in Northern California, and attend as many as I am able. I am grateful for the invitations and press passes.

I write about what I love, your samples put you and your product in front of my readers.

A sample does not guarantee a review, and not all reviews are favorable. I will always be fair, objective, honest; but I don’t go out of my way to be negative, and am more than likely to say nothing at all if I can’t say something positive.

While not to the exclusion of wines from other areas, I try to focus on the wines, wineries, and vineyards of Mendocino County. My goal is to one day be the number one spot to read about what is going on in the Mendocino County wine scene.

I will disclose that the object of my review was made available by you; full disclosure as required by the most recent applicable FTC guidelines.

If you are interested in sending samples, here is the address: John Cesano, JohnOnWine.Com, 13275 South Hwy 101 Suite 5, Hopland, CA 95449.

Thank you for considering me as someone to review your product.


John Cesano

2 Responses to “Submit Samples”

  1. Allan Renn Says:

    You seem to have made good use of samples in the articles that focus on accessory, book, and wine reviews. I hope you receive more samples, so we can read more reviews. Keep up the good work!

    Allan Renn

    1. John Cesano Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Allan.

      I love wine. I want the industry to succeed. I welcome samples so I can get reviews out to my readers of wines. books and accessories that I like.

      I just attended a three day tasting of wines and I’m only going to write about the wines I enjoyed, I don’t see a reason to be negative and there are so many positive stories about wine.

      I will not write a review of something I don’t have something good to say about; feel free to send samples, I’ll evaluate them, and you don’t have to fear a bad review – but you may get no review if I don’t love it.

      I think that is pretty fair – and wine friendly.

      Thanks for reading.


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